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Social Shopping

You know that time you saw one of our adorable items on one of our social media accounts and were like "I NEED THAT" (every day, amirite?) but by the time you made it into one of our stores with your busy schedule, it was sold out, because DAMN our items move fast?!? Yup, we're mind readers like that.

We've heard the sob stories time and time again, so we came up with a SOLUTION for you - SOCIAL SHOPPING! It's as easy as 1-2-3...

1) Fill out our Social Shopping Sign Up form (below)... you only have to fill it out once!

2) Eye an adorable style on our social media and comment/reply to us with SOLD and your color/size choice(s)! See below for how to buy on each channel, but we will also remind you on each shoppable post!

3) Get an invoice in your inbox from us lickity-split and just complete your shipping/pick up choice and enter payment info. Your item is now on hold for you - YASSSSSS. Then either pick up your item in one of our stores at your leisure or wait for it to arrive to you via shipping! And DUH - all social shopping items still follow our same easy peezy in-store return policy, so your order is always risk free!

Yah, it's kind of the best. So let's do it! Fill out the Social Shopping Sign Up form below!




How to Buy on Each Channel:

Instagram: Leave a comment on the post with "SOLD" and your item size/color choice!

Facebook: Leave a comment on the post with "SOLD" and your item size/color choice!

Twitter: Reply to our tweet with "SOLD" and your item size/color choice!

Snapchat: Send us a chat (while the item you want is shown - it sends it as a screenshot so we know what you want!) with "SOLD", and your item size/color choice!