Re-Branding – Hello Caroline
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Allow us to re-introduce ourselves...
H.C.B. (Her Closet Boston) is now Hello Caroline!

The Short Story:
We have a new name - Hello Caroline! Even more exciting, a second location in Boston is coming soon! We must confess, we've been keeping some secrets. Working on some things behind the scenes. But don't worry! Nothing you love about us is changing. We are only getting better! And to get better, sometimes you need to EVOLVE.
Do you want to come work for us and help us grow? You should! Yay!

The Long Story...
It's been a journey. When I started the Brookline store nearly two years ago, I knew next to nothing about running a boutique storefront. An online store I could do, but a real, live, in-person store was completely new territory. There were tough times, sure, but ultimately the experience has been overwhelmingly positive, all because of my wonderful customers (that's right, you)! So much so that a few months ago I started dreaming of perhaps adding a big city location in Boston. After months and months of hunting, I finally found the perfect new space for our second location. I can't tell you any specifics on it yet (don't you love secrets?) but I KNOW you will love it! It is conveniently located in Boston's Back Bay in a gorgeous building full of bright lighting and gorgeous details. We can't WAIT to show you! In the next few weeks we'll be able to share more with you, so stay tuned!

As I was planning everything I wanted the second store to be, I kept coming back to this feeling in my gut that the name, Her Closet Boston or as we always call it H.C.B., didn't quite feel right anymore. Having a name of all initials could be confusing, and the meaning behind the initials, Her Closet Boson, often times was misconstrued as being a second hand store - rather than the intended meaning of a dream closet for women in Boston. And honestly, we've also moved past just wanting to fill your closet. While the store's roots were in clothing, shoes and accessories (items one would find in a closet), we have grown to now carry home and giftable items and we are looking to expand these categories even further in the future! So when I was thinking of branding my new store, I knew I had to make a change.

After many nights spent brainstorming what the perfect new name could be, I fell in love with the name Hello Caroline. It has personal meaning because Caroline is my middle name (a family name), but it is also a name that has always felt very "Boston" to me - perhaps because of Neil Diamond's classic hit "Sweet Caroline" played at nearly every Red Sox game. So it is a nod to both myself as the owner and the great city where this business was born and continues to flourish. The Hello signifies not only a greeting, but also a welcoming of new. It's a cheerful word and full of promise - Hello new day, Hello new person, Hello new city - what might you have in store for me? The new name also, conveniently, can still be shortened to H.C.B. - with the addition of "boutique" as the silent descriptor at the end - so it makes the transition just that much smoother if we all still linger on the initials.

So what does all this mean? Our great selection, affordable prices, and friendly styling advice while you shop in our Brookline store aren't going anywhere - except to ALSO go to our new store. Even more of us to love! Our Her Style Rewards program is now Hello Style Rewards (see what we did there?), but it stays exactly the same and your points don't go anywhere. Our website now lives at our shiny new domain,, and all of our social media accounts can now be found at @shophellocaroline (if you were already following us you still are - we just changed our handles - and if you're not, you should be!).

We'll tell you even more about our new store later, but wanted to start our exciting announcements with this re-branding announcement so we can all start getting used to the new name before our new store gets up and running. Things may take a bit to fully shift over at the Brookline store as far as our signage and hang tags, so you'll continue to see our familiar old H.C.B. logo around, but it will slowly be replaced with our new Hello Caroline logo. The new store has the advantage of being a clean slate so the new branding will be immediate there, but may take a while to fully sink in at Brookline. Hang in there with us!

An expansion means our team is desperately in need of new faces and hands to help us grow and prosper! My good friend Lauren will be joining our team, officially, as the manager at our new location - you have likely seen her around in Brookline as she has been an "unofficial" team member for quite some time now! But we need several more part-time ladies to help us out in both locations. We have a great time and there are fabulous employee perks. Interested? Apply online, please! We would love to have you! Head here to get started:

PHEW! I think that covers it. But, if you have any questions, any suggestions, any feedback, or any comments AT ALL - please! - let us know! Hit "Reply" on this newsletter and I will get your email directly and I want to hear what you have to say! So don't be shy!

Okay one more thing - THANK YOU. I wouldn't be able to open a second store if this Brookline store wasn't so cherished by all of you amazing souls. You may not know it, but you've all made me SO happy. I hope my store can continue to make you happy, too!