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Signature Collection 4 oz. Reed Diffuser - Multiple Scents Available


Signature Collection 4 oz. Reed Diffuser - Multiple Scents Available

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Brookline Fragrance Co. products are Handmade in Brookline, MA!

Signature Scented reed diffusers in sleek glass bottles with eight reeds included packaged in a decorative sliding box with white crinkle paper.These reed diffusers are hand made in Brookline, MA with a blend of phthalate-free* fragrance oils in an eco-friendly reed diffuser base.

Approximately 4oz of diffuser blend gives a fragrance life of approximately 12-24 weeks with all eight reeds in use. To lighten the fragrance emitted and extend life of fragrance, use fewer reeds. Rotate reeds every few days for best fragrance quality. Do not leave unattended around children or pets - harmful if ingested.


A sweet yet clean fragrance with top notes of citrus. A woody, earthy and sophisticated ripe fig base is complemented by patchouli.

A fresh and minty scent that will remind you of spending the day at your favorite spa! The base of eucalyptus, cedar wood and peppermint is highlighted by notes of patchouli and lavender. A truly relaxing and dream inducing scent that will fill the room!
*This scent is not phthalate-free

Just as you might expect, this candle smells just like fresh ground coffee beans being brewed on the spot, with some slight notes of baked goodness. Like walking into your favorite coffee shop!

An uplifting and light scent of jasmine and sweet honeysuckle blended with floral notes such as gardenia and rose. Jasmine lovers will jump for joy when they smell this delightful blend!

A tranquil and soothing lavender scent with beautifully balanced notes of bergamot and ylang ylang. Perfect for having a spa day in your own home!

For the fabulous modern hippie! A true nag champa scent is a dead ringer for the classic incense, with a base of patchouli and notes of powder, musk, amber and even a touch of vanilla! Fill your home with this delightfully earthy scent without the ash and mess of incense.

A crowd favorite. Sweet pineapple blends with aromatic sage and undertones of eucalyptus, cedarwood, oakmoss and amber. Fruity, yet musky and sultry. You've never smelled anything like it before, and you'll be hooked immediately!

One of our most popular scents! A truly feminine scent, this deliciously sweet pink grapefruit base has hints of peach and a touch of mangosteen - like a delicious fresh citrus juice. Strong and will your room with it's bright cheery scent!

A classic musky amber scent - rich and smooth! Musk, sandalwood and vanilla are complemented by top notes of jasmine, lavender and bit of orange. The most delicious amber scent we have ever smelled, and we think you will agree! Perfect for making your home warm and welcoming.

A unique and unexpected blend of rich amber and tobacco, with notes of coriander and tonka, and just the slightest undertone of a sweet vanilla. Musky, yet feminine - you will be surprised by how much you love this sultry scent! Completely addictive.